Do you know how to say: 

"voy a casa", "llego a casa"

Today you are going to learn how to say 'correctly':

 "voy a casa, volví a casa, llegué a casa, estoy en casa, etc." Do you know how to say that?

Well, what you need to know is that the word "home" has no prepositions!! What does this mean? It means that you can never, ever say: "I go to home" nor "I go to the my home" nor anything like that!!!

Let's say "home" is a 'hotline', una línea directa, that way you will have to say:

I go HOME, I came back HOME, I arrived HOME, etc..  (but never, ever add a "to")


When we say: "to be at home" = "estar en casa"

In that case we can add a preposition, but because there is no movement, we are already 'at' home (ya estamos 'en' casa).

P.S.: And that's it! I hope this little correction was useful for you and remember you have much more at the academy for only 35€/month: