What is correct:

my wife and I or my wife and me?

In this podcast, I am going to explain to you how to say in English: “Mi marido y yo” or “mi hermana y yo” or “mi perrito y yo…”

Have you ever had to use this expression in English? If I asked you now, would you know how to say it? Let’s see, what would you say: “My husband and I” or “My husband and me”?

Uhm, which one do you think is correct? The first one, the second one?  

You are not sure now, right?  Then, let me tell you, you are right to hesitate because both are correct!

But, be careful! these two forms cannot be interchanged! You have to know when to use one or the other.

And this is what we are going to see today. Click on the player to listen to my explanation.

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