Do you know how to say: 

"¿Tienes algún libro"

Today you are going to learn how to use correctly the number of the words following "any" in a question, will it be singular or plural? Let's see.

Well, what you need to know is that after any, if we have a question, we will always use PLURAL IF THE NOUN IS COUNTABLE, that means, if we can count it, and in the case of books, obviously we can count them: one book, two books, etc. 

Something completely different is is if we have an 'UNCOUNTABLE NOUN", these are nouns which we cannot count, like for example: water, light, electricity, etc. We can count bottleS of water, but water in itself is uncountable in English.

In such cases, the noun following 'any' will remain as it is, countable, for example: "Do you have 'any' water? but "Do you have any bottleS" (we can count the bottles ;))

In summary, you can never ever say:  "Do you have any book? nor do you have any bottle?  even though in Spanish we would use the singular!

Let's say "home" is a 'hotline', una línea directa, that way you will have to say:

P.S. And that's it! I hope this little correction was useful for you and remember you have much more at the academy for only 35€/month: